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First Steps in Unova || Touya + Platina

“The Unova region,” the lady said softly as the ship pulled slowly and calmly into the port of Castelia City. The buildings simply towered before her, soaring magnificently up into the sky. This was exactly the sort of place Platina loved to be in. This was comfort, and style and… A sigh escaped her lips before she even realised it. The trip was supposed to be something pleasant, something to enrich her knowledge store and help her grow - but she just couldn’t help feeling that without Pearl and Dia that travelling just didn’t feel the same.

She shook her head sharply and clenched her fist for a second. “No. I must continue on for them, so that when next we meet they can see that I’ve grown.”

“Ah. Miss? The ship has stopped now and everyone is off… Is there some sort of problem?” Platina blinked, startled out of her thoughts - though such surprise did not flicker across her face. Turning away from the rail and the view, she spotted one of the sailors behind her, looking both anxious and confused.

“Excuse me, I was just thinking. I shall be going now. Do please grab that bag over there and take it off the ship for me. I should hate to drop it when walking down the boardway.”

And with that she was off, onto the port of Castelia, ready to grow!


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    Platina loved to explore new areas - particularly those with a rich culture and a good history behind it. Her childhood...
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    Water licked at the port walls, demanding to be seen and heard and obviously not all that pleased that two young people...
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